We build new ground-based towers and rooftop towers specifically for our customers’ requirements. We remove the need for capital and provide an end-to-end solution. This is done responsibly, starting with acquiring sites compliant to guidelines on Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources; Indigenous Peoples; Cultural Heritage and legal due diligence. All required permits are obtained before commencement of construction. Site development, construction and equipment installation is carefully controlled and safely managed to stringent IFC Performance Standards. We offer bespoke solutions required for specific site conditions. Examples include monopoles, camouflaged towers, narrow base towers, palm trees and smart poles. We can also provide ‘Cell-on -Wheels’ to meet specific temporary requirements. All towers are carefully sited to optimise co-location potential and to enable by multiple customers.


Our sites are attractive to MNOs for co-locations allowing them faster availability of their services to consumers. Our site specification and design enable multiple tenants to co-locate safely on the same tower. Each co-location request is analysed from a structural safety and adequacy perspective before a new customer is on boarded on a tower.

In-Building Solutions

We provide all components required for high quality indoor coverage in large buildings, such as office complexes, retail malls, shopping centres, large residential complexes, hotels, hospitals, airports, metro rail stations and tunnels.


We can provide last mile fibre access to meet customer requirements.

Managed Services

We have experienced teams in providing managed services for MNO assets, where they want to retain ownership and may not have a need for sale and lease back of their passive infrastructure. We can improve the uptime performance of these assets using our best-in-class global practices.